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General Information

Moving to a country like Thailand, which is very different in terms of climate and culture, is a choice to be evaluated in all its aspects.

One of the first obstacles to overcome is certainly the language barrier, however in tourist areas, english is well understood by many,

Another aspect to consider is healthcare as there is no form of protection provided by the Italian National Health Service, not even

coverage of emergency services, therefore it will be your responsibility before departure to take out private healt insurance according

to your needs, choosing from the many available on the market.

Retire in Thailand

If you are thinking of leaving Italy once you reach retirement, you will need to carefully plan your move well in advance.

The first decision to consider is choosing the country to move to, but there are many aspects to pay attention to and is important

to evaluate them carefully to make a choice suited to your needs, such as the tax advantages that the country offers, the healt

service, the economic aspects linked to the standard of living.

Alias Investments has a team dedicated to Italian clients who are toying with the idea of moving to Thailand after retirement,

offering advice through staff present on Italian territory available to answer all your questions.

Espatriate in Thailand

Moving to a non-European country like Thailand can be a fascinating destination for many people, due to the particularity

of the tropical climate, the beauty of beaches and seas with crystal clear waters, preferential tax regime and a high quality of life

even for those with a limited budget. However, it is important to thoroughly understand everything you need to move safely

so as not to transform your dream into a bureaucratic nightmare that will make you waste time and money.

Work in Thailand

Thailand offers multiple job opportunities for skilled workers from all over the world, both in the field of subordinate employment

and in the entrepreneurial field. The tourism sector is constantly expanding and offers job positions in all its branches.

English language teaching has gained a significant increase in demand and has consequently increased the demand for qualified

native speakers from international schools and universities. In recent years also the healthcare sector, especially private,

has begun to take an interest in specialized workers from abroad. With regard to entrepreneurship, Thailand offers government

incentives and tax breaks for those who intend to create new businesses, the sectors are various, agriculture, construction,

tourism, financial, etc.